Tuesday 30 June 2009

day 2: robocup2009 spl game schedule online

so, we're in round robin queue 1, pool b. our first opponents are northern bites from Bowdoin College, USA and eagle knights from Laboratorio de Robotica, Division de Ingenieria, ITAM, Mexico who both really ain't easy. some first test games are scheduled for today, 2 p.m..

Field A - Pool B
Northern BitesEagle KnightsNao-Team HTWKGAGRGDPTS POS
Northern Bites X Jul 1, 12:00 Jul 1, 15:00
EagleKnights Jul 1, 12:00 X Jul 2, 10:40
Nao-Team HTWK Jul 1, 15:00 Jul 2, 10:40 X

link to schedule:

p.s.: two of our three nao robots are currently in the aldebaran 'nao clinic' and are waiting for repair (hip pitch of each broke). odds are in our favour to get them back tomorrow.

day 2: robotstadium -> KaI - UPennalizers : 4 - 2

this night our ai (Kai) from the webbots simulation league won the first match against the university of pennsylvania with 4 : 2.  actually, it was the most exciting match we've ever seen and it had that little touch of a rugby game ;)


video of the match:

day 1: bootstrapping

after nealy 36 hours awake, we've just managed to upload some first impressions of the robocup from graz... and we're still awake ;)

our journey to graz lasted only approx. 7 hours (mon 01:55 untill 08:53). this was straight forward!

some pictures:

cityhall graz:

at the registration:

we temporarily got renamed into "nao-team hwtk" :( issue has been fixed today [day 2]

bootstrapping of our hardware:

some picture of the other leagues:

at least 5 hours of sleep are waiting... ;)

daniel, rico, thomas