Thursday 31 March 2016

Working like a horse

Today we worked really hard to accomplish our goals! You could say, that one of our teammates has gone over the edge. But take a look for yourself.

Preparations for the halftime show

We love to entertain! So we prepared a half time show for our visitors. Here you see our first try.

Entertainment for the masses

Here at the RoboCup in Eindhoven we have some exciting competitions!

The visitors have the chance to have fun while learning and working with lovely robots.
For the youngest there are some robot dinosaurs to cuddle and the older ones can find some impressive workshops, for example programming Lego Mindstorms.


We scored 7:0 against Z-Knipsers! Our new Ball Detection has proven itself.
It seems that the Z-Knipsers weren't able to detect the ball, because of that it was a safe match.
In the end of the first half we had some serious issues, which we are currently investigating.

Our next match will be tomorrow. Hopefully we'll find and fix some issues.

Oh, and by the way, the organizers quickly fixed the penalty "cross" yesterday, so there are no white round things on the field anymore... except the ball. :)

Walking down the memory lane

In 2013 at the RoboCup world championship in Eindhoven we discovered a band of awesome music robots. You may have seen them already on other websites and we met them again to see pure steel and rock'n'roll here at the European Open. It's always nice to meet old friends!

Match Day 1 - Group Stage

Hey everyone! Are you ready for some awesome robot soccer?! Today we're going to have our first match. :D

Schedule + Results:

Preparation Day Summary

The preparation day is over. After a hard fight over several hours, we won against the evil WiFi lord. Our new Ball-Detection is working nice and stable, additionally we managed to improve its runtime. Tomorrow at 15:15 the Ball-Detection has to prove itself for the first time. Sadly, there are no live streams planned. But we try to keep you updated all the time!

We are excited, but it's time to sleep. Have a good night :)

Wednesday 30 March 2016

First Day First Drama :D

Today our robot soccer summer season starts. We are currently participating at the European Open in Eindhoven and as a surprise we got more balls on the field as expected. :D

This year the SPL got a new ball, which the robots have to deal with. It's a huge challenge for all teams.

Because of that, the outcome of the tournament is nearly unpredictable.

The field is supposed to have crosses instead of circles, which can easily be classified as a ball. :)
So we are going to see, if the field gets fixed or if we can play with circles.

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Reaching Eindhoven

 We arrived in Eindhoven this evening :-D

Monday 28 March 2016

Happy Eastern

Hey there :D Hope you had joyful Easter holidays! Sadly we had no time to search for Easter Eggs, but finally we can detect the new ball !! ;D We are almost prepared for the RoboCup European Open 2016, which starts on 31.03.2016 in Eindhoven.
Stay tuned for fancy robot pictures and hopefully awesome soccer results.

Saturday 19 March 2016

NaoHTWK at the Leipzig Book Fair

Hey Everyone! The Leipzig Book Fair 2016 is still on going.
You can visit us tomorrow at hall 2 - B 400 !!

Play with us and win a coupon for the RoboCup 2016!! Let's play!