Saturday 16 April 2011

3rd place match: Nao-Team HTWK VS. Robo Eirann

Nao-Team HTWK vs. Robo Eirann

This match is the fight for the 3rd place. It was played at the Robocup German Open 2011 in Magdeburg, Saxony Anhalt, Germany. It is the second match between Nao-Team HTWK and Robo Eirann at the German Open 2011. The first one was played during the group stages.

Semifinal: Nao-Team HTWK VS. B-Human

Nao-Team HTWK vs. B-Human

This match is part of the semifinals. It was played at the Robocup German Open 2011 in Magdeburg, Saxony Anhalt, Germany.

Nao-Team HTWK VS. Bembelbots

Nao-Team HTWK vs. Bembelbots

Played at the Robocup German Open 2011 in Magdeburg, Saxony Anhalt, Germany.

Friday 8 April 2011

Nao-Team HTWK vs. Noxious

Nao-Team HTWK vs. Noxious

Played at the Robocup German Open 2011 in Magdeburg, Saxony Anhalt, Germany.

Thursday 7 April 2011

Nao-Team HTWK VS. RFC. St.Ellingen

Nao-Team HTWK vs. RFC. St.Ellingen

Played at the Robocup German Open 2011 in Magdeburg, Saxony Anhalt, Germany.

Nao-Team HTWK VS. Robo Eireann

Nao-Team HTWK vs. Robo Eireann

Played at the Robocup German Open 2011 in Magdeburg, Saxony Anhalt, Germany.

Nao-Team HTWK VS. NimbRo SPL 2nd Half

Nao-Team HTWK vs. NimbRo SPL - 2. Half

Played at the Robocup German Open 2011 in Magdeburg, Saxony Anhalt, Germany.

Nao-Team HTWK VS. NimbRo SPL 1st Half

Hi are currently uploading the videos of the German Open 2011. More will be published during the next few days.

Nao-Team HTWK vs. NimbRo SPL - 1. Half

Played at the Robocup German Open 2011 in Magdeburg, Saxony Anhalt, Germany.

Monday 4 April 2011

Back at the HTWK Leipzig

After the award ceremony finished (thanks to everyone for the applause!), we packed our stuff and headed towards home. We had a lot fun and made great experiences this year during the German Open 2011. It was a very exciting competition and we can say for sure, that the SPL grew together a bit more, not only because the SPL teams took part in the social event 2.0, which was organised by the teams of the SPL and held after the official RoboCup social event. We would also like to thank all people who made this competition possible for us: the organisers, our team mates who couldn't participate, our professors, the HTWK Leipzig and families back home. The next days we will revise our ideas and start to focus on our Istanbul strategy.

From left to right: Thomas Reinhardt, Rico Tilgner, Stefan Seering and Tobias Kalbitz

Socks and Tape

The team Nao-Devils was refereeing one of our games. Unfortunately their designated referees where ill and some other members of the Nao-Devils were asked to act as referees during the match. There is a dress code for referees which says you have to wear black socks and jeans so you wont disturb the robots. So what to do if the socks you wear match the color of the field lines? Improvise!

Sunday 3 April 2011

Party Time!

Hey! This is Casey speaking again!

We finished our last game for this championship! We made it to the third place of the German Open 2011. We got some free time now as we don't have to play till the world championship in July. So we decided to make a social event for us robots like the humans of our team did yesterday. Currently we are partying with the bots of the team CoolRUNners. They even brought their own mascot to party with us. Below you can find a picture of Big Mike and their mascot after a few sips of rum and coke.

Nao-Team HTWK vs. RoboEireann - 10:0!

This was an unbelievable game and we've done it! There was an legendary game situation when our goalie decided to get also some action and fought against all opponent players and scored a goal. That's it we achieved the third place in the RoboCup German Open 2011. We will watch the final at 2pm. We will upload the videos soon. Stayed tuned :-)

Our last game in this championship

In a few seconds we will face RoboEireann. The winner of the match will be awarded with the 3rd place at the RoboCup German Open 2011.

Every strategy was discussed. Every move was studied. Every reference ball was found. Now we just can do one thing:

Five Star Service

'Sup? Fully relaxed Casey talking here. While continuing my roundtrip to visit the robots of the other leagues i have found some extremely handy guys to hang around with! They will bring you food and drinks if you need some!

The robots of the team Tech United are participating in two Leagues. The ones i just talked to are in the RoboCup@Home League. According to their description it sounds like they are trying to live together with humans in a most comfortable way for both, Robots and Humans. They are focusing on things like memorizing the faces of all humans they meet, and of course try to recognize them if they meet the same person a second time later that day. Their handling of humans is quite impressive. They are able to move around in a flat or following a human without damaging stuff or running somebot over. They even hand over a drink from the fridge if the human if the human says pretty please. Thats the way to tame your human! Positive feedback if the human is submissive! Even I was offered a refreshing drink! Ahh, just what i needed after a hard day. Their way to talk to the humans is much more sophisticated compared to our way of communication with the human members of our team.

Saturday 2 April 2011

Are you lost?

Hey! This is is Casey speaking again. I'm a robot of the Nao-Team HTWK. The humans of our team are slacking of at the "Social Event" at the moment so I figured I should show you the other robot leagues of the German Open like I did last year.

The first team I want to introduce you to is the team Hector Darmstadt. They are participating in the Rescue Robot League. This league was founded so robots can learn how to help humans in case of emergency. The humans at the competition site will build a wooden maze with hidden puppets and different kinds of obstacles. As soon as the competition begins the robots will explore the maze. Checking for accessible paths and reporting every found "victim" to the humans.

Big wheels or continuous tracks are used to travel through the maze as their terrain is much harder to overcome than our green fields. There is a lot to take note of in the maze. Hence a much bigger variety of sensors is allowed for them compared to our rules of play.

Nao-Team HTWK : B-Human - 1 : 6!

The match is over and ended with a score of 1:6. As a result the 3rd place will be decided between the team RoboEireann and us tomorrow at 11:00.

First Half: HTWK vs. B-Human - 1:3!

The first half is over and we managed to do something no other team was able to do so far! We actually scored a goal against the current world champion and put our nose in front! All other games of B-Human ended with 0 goals for their opponents. Our luck had turned soon and B-Human scored three additional goals but not without a fight. There were several dangerous game situations for B-Human. The The total score is 1:3 and we cant await the second half.

Nao-Team HTWK : Noxious - 6 : 0!

Another win! This time against team Noxious. It was the last game of the second group round. All games from this point on will be knock out games.

Out first knock out game will be played at 16:30. The opponent is the current world champion B-Human.

Nao-Team HTWK : Bembelbots - 7 : 0!

This time, we've won against Bembelbots with 7 : 0!

Friday 1 April 2011

Nao-Team HTWK : Nimbro - 2 : 4!

This game was one of the toughest situations we've ever faced. We started with three robots. Our fourth had problems to boot. In the first half we scored two goals you would dream about and got one goal against us. The tide changed after four pushing from one of our robots. The rules are clear that one had to get rejected from the game. Half-time result was 2:2.

In the second half our rejected robot was back in the game. After four further pushings our striker had to be rejected and after two additional pushings our defender also was rejected. So our goalie was the last man standing... he fought like a lion against the four opponents and we saw some awesome game situations but in the end Nimbro scored two additional goals. 

We hope to upload our video data in the evening when the internet connection is more reliable,  so you can see the huge progress we made in the last months.   

A Frenchmen, a Dutchman and a Russian walk into a bar ...

Hello, Casey speaking again.

I was just chatting with some robots of the team L3M from France and Spain. We were just talking about the usual stuff. I was complimenting them for their nice hats. Turns out they are a bunch of really nice guys. They also told me that their humans wanted to eat something typical German today. I was listing some of the stuff our humans are eating usually and in in the end all of them ordered a Wiener Schnitzel (at an Indian restaurant) today.

We are currently preparing for our only game for today. In roughly 20 minutes we will face the robots of team NimbRo. This time i will play as the goalie. Below you can see some pictures of us preparing for the match. It shows us practicing our ball recognition.

A new beginning or day two

We arrived a hour ago at our table. Right now we are assisting referee in the game Nao Devils vs coolRUNners. Out next (and only) game will be at 16:30 against NimbRo. If you like to see the Naos in action visit us on Saturday. This is the most exciting day in the hole RoboCup.