Monday 29 April 2013

German Open 2013: After the Games

After 5 long and exhausting days we finally returned to Leipzig. The tension of yesterday's games still remains in our heads and we took home a lot of impressions and ideas from this very satisfying event.

Now we are looking forward to the upcoming World Championships in July where we hope to see as thrilling games as in Magdeburg.

Sunday 28 April 2013

2nd place!!!

In a very competitive match we managed to score two goals against the former world champion B-Human and have therefore successfully claimed the second place in the German Open 2013.

After a very strong first half (score: 1:1) B-Human successfully defended their position at the head of the German Open competition with a final score of 7:2.

5:0 vs SPQR: We're in the finals!

We defeated the Italian team SPQR in the semi finals with an overwhelming score of 5:0.

After finishing the preliminary rounds, we are the team holding the second best overall score of 7, scored the second most goals of 18 and have the second biggest goal difference of 15.

The final match will be held at 15:00. Let's hope for an as interesting match.

Saturday 27 April 2013

We are in the semifinals!

The last Game of the day was our best so far!
We won 8:0 against the team DAInamite from Berlin.

Tomorrow we play against SPQR from Italy 

in the semifinal 

at 10 o'clock !

You can watch it at our Livestream:

Wish us luck!


We just won against Team Bembelbots (from Frankfurt)! Score 7:0 - yeah!

This really is a reward for the hard work and insufficient sleep of the past days!

Besides coding we always inspire people for humanoid robots and studies at HTWK-Leipzig

Friday 26 April 2013

10:50 o'clock: A Draw

We did a draw against RoboEireann: 3:3. But they played with 4 Robots while we only used 1 :)

Okay.. maybe we should use more, but this way Starbuck could present himself in the best light ;)

First Match at 10:50

Don't miss it - Stream is online:

The first match starts at 10:50 but because we could only test our Nao on the big field two times before today, we still have Problems with localization.
But we do our best to solve this problem as fast as possible.
And then there was darkness. Nao at night
(At Midnight the light was shutdown so we couldn't test anymore. Such a pitty!)

Thursday 25 April 2013

Livestream - Coming on Friday!

As mentioned before our games will be streamed, so you can watch them live! On our homepage the Livestream Link is ready, and the stream will get active on Friday.

Don't miss our first match Friday at 10:50.

Besides we were interviewed from a Reporter from MDR-Jump - you can hear it Friday, between 12-14 o'clock, exact time will be announced soon.

Wednesday 24 April 2013

RoboCup GermanOpen 2013 in Magdeburg

Today we started really too early in the morning from Leipzig.

But thanks to this we now have much time for coding here in Magdeburg.
Now we can check and test the Software with the Nao's on the new big field!
We hope for good games on the following days.

On Saturday a Television-Team from MDR is going to be here and make a transmission.

You can watch it on the same day at 4 o'clock on MDR (German TV). Check:

Tuesday 16 April 2013

German Open: Robocup 2013 Kickoff

We are all looking forward to the Robocup 2013. The first step will be the German Open in Magdeburg from April 26th to April 28th. Stay tuned for the new features we planned this year: revised teamplay and livestreams on our website. Further information will be available soon.