Saturday 7 December 2019

No tomfoolery allowed! Children are present?

This weekend we host our annual introductory course for the young and upcoming students of our university, HTWK Leizpig. We offer the visitors the chance to experience a small piece of RoboCup. Trying out the Robots. Working with our robotics into course. Learning exciting skills.

For such a serious occasion we are all professionals of course. Dressed well and addressing each other with high regard. Surely no silly jokes at all are being exchanged for danger of tainting the young students’ minds.

Sunday 1 December 2019

RoHOW 2019 - last Day (another Testgame)

It's the last day at RoHOW 2019 in Hamburg. We arranged a second testgame against Team Bembelbots from Frankfurt. We won 3:0, and our friendship was not bothered by this. We are still happy to share the same desk at the team area.

After three very nice days, with very nice people, we say thank you to the Team HULKs for the organization, the friendly atmosphere and of course for the food and drinks.