Thursday 23 November 2017

End of Day 1

Nao-Devils Dortmund took the lead by defeating us 2:1. Despite the close result they were the stronger team this time and deserved the win. Earlier today, we won 2:0 over Berlin United.
Overall we still look good and will meet Bembelbots next tomorrow. If we win this we're up for a rematch against Dortmund in the finals.

HTWK 5:0 NomadZ

We opened the tournament with a 5:0 victory over NomadZ. Just before the match started we experienced some new issues, but were able to fix those fast enough.
Due to a tight schedule the games only last 10 minutes, which is needed to give the robots enough time to rest in between.
We're scheduled to play against Berlin United next at 2pm.

Wednesday 22 November 2017

Phoenix Contact Robotics Cup

We are in Cologne/Köln at the Absolventenkongress until Friday for a small tournament featuring a total of 5 teams from Germany and Switzerland.
The first match will be played tomorrow 12 pm between us and NomadZ from Zürich.

It's nice to have a competition again and see many familiar faces. Our main task will be to tune the walking engine for the local field. We'll keep you updated about the progress and results.