Friday 3 May 2024

Lange Nacht der Computerspiele - A Night of 1000 Computer Games!

And it certainly was that - a long night! Even though technically only on Tokio time (2pm to 11pm german time), the (more faithfully translated) long night of computer games was a lot of fun! We set up a small piece of Green and had some robots run around - operatable via laptop. And of course, we never tired of repeating (gebetsmühlenartig, if you will) that during game play, the robots are fully autonomous. Unfortunately, we had so much fun, we just about forgot to take pictures of our own! Luckily, the HTWK PR team was well equipped to compensate for that!

But what did you just see there? A Green Screen? Indeed! We developed a new attraction where you can enter the world of our robots - even if just for 1 (one) frame - we're still working on the fully immersive implementation! What's more, we were spontaneously interviewed by TV people - live! in real time! Can you believe it? Picture this: Our attending professor Jens Wagner just walked up to one of our team members, quickly pulled him aside, murmured "TV! live! smile! improvise!" and seconds later - we were already on the air. But it all went well. I'll post the broadcast as soon as I figure out, where it actually aired - it all happened so quickly, but I guess that's showbiz, baby!

We're also very happy to welcome several new team members into our midst. They approached us during the event and by the publishing of this post (sorry for the delay!), they had already visited the lab on their own and started working on our introductory tasks. You, dear dedicated reader of this blog, are of course well aware - there is a lot to do, so we're happy about all the help we can get!

Thursday 2 May 2024

And so it ends...


Here's the 2024 RoboCup German Open final - we worked hard and fought even harder, and the results are noteworthy - we now know what to do until the World Cup in July!

What do you think we should work on next? Let us know in the comments below!