Sunday 2 September 2018

The last exhibiton day has started

The crowd is excited fot the match to start

Saturday 1 September 2018

The last moment before the game starts

Nao-Team HTWK (yellow) vs. Dutch Nao Team (blue)

Robot art

Nao posing for a portrait
Turns out industry robots do produce art as well. Today soccer robots of Nao-Team HTWK met a robot that performs industrial manipulation and handling as its day job. However, during the quiteter hours of the exhibition it drew a portrait of our soccer robot.

The finished portrait

Friday 31 August 2018

Robots care about green fields as well

Ursula negotiates with Landroid
For quite some time now robot soccer is played on artificial turf. A well-cut turf is required for robots to make precise shots. In their quest to become more and more self-reliant soccer robots have started to ask lawn-mowing robots to handle the turf of the soccer field.

Greetings from Austria

Robots (and Humans) from Dutch Nao Team and Nao-Team HTWK
Dornbirn Herbstmesse (Autumn Fair) and myRobotcenter invited us to present some world class robot soccer skills in exhibition matches together with the Dutch Nao Team. The 70th annual Herbstmesse offers lots of robot-related goodies like drone racing, exhibitions of industrial and at-home robots, a robot barkeeper and robotics competitions for school children. With such an impressive lineup a soccer match can't be missing. Thus Dutch Nao Team and Nao-Team HTWK will perform several friendly matches in the next 3 days. Feel free to visit us!

Saturday 23 June 2018

RoboCup 2018: The Final Match

We finally uploaded our final match versus last years world champion B-Human. We hope you enjoy the exiting game.

Friday 22 June 2018

We received our award

The award ceremony is over and we received our first ever first place at a Robocup world championship. We will add more images and game videos later. We will now enjoy the banquet and have a great evening :-D

Thursday 21 June 2018

The Final Moment

RoboCup 2018

WE ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!111!!11111!!!!!!!

Livestream for the RoboCup 2018 Finals

Link to the stream:

RoboCup 2018 Day 4: 4:1 Victory against the Hamburg HULKs

Finals! We won the semi-finals against a strong HULKs (Twitter) team 4:1. Our opponent's defense was very strong, with at times 4 of 5 robots close to the ball to block us from moving it towards the goal.

We'll face B-Human, the current world champion, in the finals again. The match will begin at 1:15 pm local time (7:15 pm CET). Wish us luck. Livestream: 

3,2,1 - Liftoff!

RoboCup 2018 Day 3 - A small Clip from the Quarter Finals

Enjoy this highlight from our match against Berlin United during the quarter finals.

Calibration Routine

A nice pre-quarterfinals picture by Markus Gilford from the Team NaoTH during our calibration routine. Many thanks :-)

RoboCup 2018 Day 3: 4:0 Victory against Berlin United

Our last game for today was against a rather strong Berlin United in the quarterfinals. We won 4:0 on the potato sack field, so we had to fight the shape of the field again.

Thanks to Berlin United for the exiting game.

Our semi-finals match will be at 10am (4pm CET) tomorrow against Hamburgs HULKs. Whish us luck.

Wednesday 20 June 2018

RoboCup 2018 Day 3 - 9:0 Victory against Bembelbots

Our first match today was with 9:30 am quite early. We had to play against our friends of the team Bembelbots from Frankfurt and won with a result of 9:0.

During this tournament, we always played together as Team-Team, but the Bembelbots were able to achieve the jump from the Challange Shield into the Champions Cup, a huge success for that team. It was a match between friends.


RoboCup 2018 Day 2 - 2:4 Lose in the Joint Team Match #3

Our last match today was the most fun one until now. It was the joint team match against B-Swift, the combination of B-Human and UNSW Sydney (former rUNSWift). Although it concluded in a 2:4 lose for us, it was one of the most fun and exciting games for us this RoboCup. We look forward to similar games soon.

RoboCup 2018 Day 2 - Teaser for the Match against Nomadz

A small teaser from our match against the Nomadz

Tuesday 19 June 2018

RoboCup 2018 Day 2 - 4:0 Victory against Nomadz

Today we won our only main ladder game, where we played against Nomadz, 4:0 on the outdoor field. We are still improving, fixing and tuning modules.

Our next and last match will be a joint team one again. Team Team-Team will face Team B-Swift of B-Human and UNSW Sydney, a very strong combination. The match is 7:30 pm UTC-5 (1:30 am CET).

RoboCup 2018 Day 2 - 2:0 Victory in the Joint Team Match #2

We won our second match as Team-Team with the Frankfurt Bembelbots against AstroNAOtas 2:1. We were able to fix some of our communication problems, so it went a bit better than our first match yesterday.

RoboCup 2018: Results from Day 1

Here you can find the results of day 1:

RoboCup 2018 Day 2: Schedule

Here is the schedule link again:

RoboCup 2018 Day 1 - 2:1 Lose in Joint Team Match #1

Our last match (non-ladder) today was a joint team effort with our friends from Frankfurt. Because we are a funny bunch, we decided that the name of our team has to be Team-Team.

Anyways, today was our first match together (and our first try of robot cooperation) against a joint team DoBerMan of Dortmund's Nao-Devils and Berlin United. The match resulted in a 2:1 victory for DoBerMan.

The main conclusions of our first co-op attempt are as expected mainly communication-related. The fact that we scored a goal in the match was unexpected and motivating. We try to fix some bugs and look forward to tomorrows joint match against team AstroNAOtas.

RoboCup 2018 Day 1 - Teasers for the UNSW Sydney Match

Two highlights from our match against UNSW Sydney. We hope you enjoy :)

RoboCup 2018 Day 1 - Teaser for the Camellia Dragon Match

A small Teaser of our first match of this years RoboCup. Enjoy.

Monday 18 June 2018

RoboCup 2018 Day 1 - 4:1 Victory against UNSW

Our second and last main ladder match for today was against UNSW Sydney. Among other things, the major degrading factor of this game was the uneven ground again.

It was clear, that UNSW had the same problem, tho, basically canceling the problem out of the equation. Although some software problems, our attacks were strong and confusing and our defense new and tight.

The match concluded in a 4:1 victory.

Our next main ladder match will be tomorrow at 2pm UTC-5 (8pm GMT) versus the Nomadz.

But before that, we have some joint team action together with Frankfurts Bembelbots.

PS: please note that the light color in the venue is yellow ... that's not just a weird camera thingy.

RoboCup 2018 - Day 1: 9:0 Victory against Camellia Dragon

Our first match of this years RoboCup was versus the Camellia Dragon, the winner of last years Challenge Shield, on the natural light field. Due to the bad weather today, we had a mostly uniform light condition on the field. A bigger challenge was the fields Do-It-Yourself nature, tho. Especially the natural light field is problematic because it had to be moved due to emergency exit reasons. So the boards below the carpet are quite uneven at points.

Regardless of the condition of the field, we were able to win the match 0:9. Our next match is against UNSW Sydney, the champion of 2014 and 2015, at 4pm UTC-6 (10pm CET). Wish us luck :-)


Some fighting

Some more fighting


New Dribbling stuff

One of our main project this year is an overhaul of the way we dribble. It doesn't look like a lot of work while in fact, the algorithm is completely new, such that the movement is a bit faster and the transitions from rotations close to the ball are a lot smoother.

RoboCup 2018 - Preparation Day 2

We started the day preparing a few things.

On the one hand, we were still busy building the "outdoor" field which we were unable to complete yesterday due to the time the adhesive needs to dry. So we and a few people from other teams finished the build and supported in setting up the WiFi-routers for the other fields.

The second task that was urgent for the day, was to get the penalty shot software up and running again with the recent changes we made to the main branch of our software, such that we could participate in the penalty shot challenge scheduled for today. Because this is mostly a side project for us, we won only one round.

Tomorrow the main event starts. You can find the schedule here: Please note that we are at UTC-6, so although our first game is at 11am local time, this will be at 5pm CET.

Sunday 17 June 2018

RoboCup 2018 - Preparation Day 1

Yesterday we arrived at the hotel at around 5 pm local time (that's 11 pm CET). Because we didn't want to wake up at 3 am local time we struggled a bit to stay awake. So we meet the Frankfurt Bembelbots and chilled for the rest of the day ... or so we thought ...

Our Chinatown Hotel Lobby

After leaving the pub and enjoying a meal at a chinese restaurant, our teamleaders were called to an emergency meeting to discuss the current state and the expected progress of the venue preparation. You see, normaly only the rescue leagues competition area is still under work during the first preparation day. It turned out that the venue management failed to organize the construction of all competition areas (soccer fields and so on).

So the construction of the SPL soccer fields started more or less at around 1 am today by the local organizer and members of the SPL. The construction of the 4 fields is still going on at this moment due to missing material and consumed a lot of time of most teams ....

The venue late at night

1st DIY RoboCup