Tuesday 19 June 2018

RoboCup 2018 Day 1 - 2:1 Lose in Joint Team Match #1

Our last match (non-ladder) today was a joint team effort with our friends from Frankfurt. Because we are a funny bunch, we decided that the name of our team has to be Team-Team.

Anyways, today was our first match together (and our first try of robot cooperation) against a joint team DoBerMan of Dortmund's Nao-Devils and Berlin United. The match resulted in a 2:1 victory for DoBerMan.

The main conclusions of our first co-op attempt are as expected mainly communication-related. The fact that we scored a goal in the match was unexpected and motivating. We try to fix some bugs and look forward to tomorrows joint match against team AstroNAOtas.

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