Sunday 17 June 2018

RoboCup 2018 - Preparation Day 1

Yesterday we arrived at the hotel at around 5 pm local time (that's 11 pm CET). Because we didn't want to wake up at 3 am local time we struggled a bit to stay awake. So we meet the Frankfurt Bembelbots and chilled for the rest of the day ... or so we thought ...

Our Chinatown Hotel Lobby

After leaving the pub and enjoying a meal at a chinese restaurant, our teamleaders were called to an emergency meeting to discuss the current state and the expected progress of the venue preparation. You see, normaly only the rescue leagues competition area is still under work during the first preparation day. It turned out that the venue management failed to organize the construction of all competition areas (soccer fields and so on).

So the construction of the SPL soccer fields started more or less at around 1 am today by the local organizer and members of the SPL. The construction of the 4 fields is still going on at this moment due to missing material and consumed a lot of time of most teams ....

The venue late at night

1st DIY RoboCup

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