Tuesday 9 July 2019

Presentation Ceremony

Last but not least here are some impressions of the presentation ceremony. And some more pictures you have not seen yet. 😁
Thank you everyone for being with us during the RoboCup 2019 adventure. πŸ’–

Thank you all for the awesome RoboCup 2019 experience

Mixed Team Finals: Team Team vs B&B

After the the Champions Cup finals, there was still a match left for us and our friends BembelBots. The Mixed-Team finals! Team Team Team vs. B&B (B-Human & Berlin United). Both teams managed to achieve the same match score in the Mixed Team group phase.

All in all was this match very even. 20 Minutes game-play ended up in a 0:0 score. So a Mixed-Team penalty shootout was needed to decide this game. Unfortunately even the shootout ended in a draw 2:2. This case kind of broke the rule book.. πŸ˜… So the referees and the teams decided to do a "Sudden Death" shootout (with no limitation).
We decided to finish this game as a team, so we prepared the goal keeper to be from Bembelbots and a kicker from us. Sadly Team B&B was not brave enough to finish this as a team too and decided to just pick B-Human players (the new champion 2019). So overall we lost this game with a final score of 2:3.

Nevertheless we are very happy to be a part of Team Team Team. We had so much fun. So big thanks for BembelBots πŸ˜™πŸ’–πŸ’ͺ 

Sunday 7 July 2019

Finals vs. B-Human

We had an awesome match against B-Human. The first half was very even and we managed to hold a 1:0 score for us until half time.
Unfortunately in the middle of the second half some of our robots were starting to fall over all the time. So we only had at most of the time three players on the field. This was a very good chance for B-Human to finish the game with a 1:2 score.

So we are the Vice-Champion 2019 😁 Of course we are sad. But we are more happy about what we have achieved this year.

So for the rest of the day: Party Time 😁

Semi-Final vs. Nao Devils

A long long night came to an end.. Our "Ball teacher" Tobi and Rico had round about 3h hours of sleep. At 10:00 on a foggy day in Sydney were our robots ready to play on Field E..

We are in the finaaaaaaaals!! We won the match against Nao Devils with a very incredible score of 8:0!!! On the semi final the whole team is way more in tense, then in the finals πŸ˜… But we did it! Whoop~ Whoop~πŸ’–
The whole match was dominated by us. We had very minor issues with "False Balls", but these were handled by our team strategy without a problem. All in all
we can say for sure that our robots are at their best game-play ever.

We try to make the Ball Detector even better until the finals, but in general we are going to face B-Human without further changes. So lets see if we are able to pull off a win against them again πŸ’ͺ😁

The night before the semi finals

Saturday 6 July 2019

Last Day Schedule

Hey everyone! Here is the schedule for tomorrow. How ever it goes out, we are going to play two matches. Wish us luck! We do everything we can to bring the champion's title back home a second time. πŸ’ͺπŸ’–
So see you tomorrow! For us it will be a long night.. so we hopefully find the one and only ball on the field πŸ˜…

Quarter Finals vs. Austin Villa

Hooray!! Semi finals here we go!!~ We managed to pull of a 10:0 in the quarter finals against UT Austin Villa.
When you take a look at the first half of the match, you may think "How can this end up in a 10:0?" There are two conditions, which made our robots a lot of troubles during the first half.

The first one is still the ball detection.. We are basically hacking our a** off to prevent the detection of "false" balls. But ... its difficult πŸ˜’ The other bad thing was the field side. Every time we play on Field D, we have troubles with the window side. We call this side "shiny", because everything looks very shiny that causes our ball detector to be even more worse...

So please check out our video and see what happens if we play on a good 😈 or bad 😱 field side.

Team Team vs. SPQR-Starkit

Our last match was against the Teams Starkit and SPQR. Unintentionally we took over the role of the defender and the BembelBots scoled all the goals 😜 This game ended in a 4:0 for us 😎

Team Team vs. SwiftArk

The third game was against Team SwiftArk, which is the fusion on rUNSWift and TJArk.
Here we won the match with a score of 3:1.

Team Team vs. DevilSMASH

The second match for Team Team Team was against Team DevilSMASH, which is the fusion of NaoDevils and HULKs.
You really have to watch this match! It was a very exciting game and beautiful team play πŸ’–

We won this game 2:1

Team Team vs. B&B

Our first mixed team match was against Team B&B, which is the fusion of Berlin United and B-Human.
Besides winning - we as Team Team Team had the main goal to play together as a team. So we mixed up the positions to have offensive and defensive player from BembelBots and us.
What do you think? Did we managed to look like one single team? 😁

tl;dr: It was an awesome game and ended up in a 1:1 draw.

Mixed Team Challenge

There is one more thing.. that we haven't shown you, yet. In parallel to the champion's cup of the SPL, we also participate in another competition called "Mixed Team Challenge". The idea is to form a new team out of two regular teams and each team provides three robots for a match (so in total are 6 robots playing for one mixed team).
So we mixed up with our friends BembelBots like last year (we only had to convince the league to change the rules for us πŸ˜‰ so its allowed to mix with the same team as the year before) But at least we changed the name from "Team Team" to "Team Team" (we swooped the Team's around πŸ˜‡)

I highly suggest you to take a look at these games videos! They are very exciting!! 😁

Friday 5 July 2019

Competition Day 3 - Our Schedule

Whoop! Whoop! We managed to take the first place of our group again! This is our ticket directly into the quarter finals, which is the only game of us tomorrow.

Also we like to share an overview to give you a feeling of which teams we maybe going to face the next days. (copied from the result website)

Second Group Phase - match against Berlin United

Meeting our old friend Berlin United was always thrilling for us in the past and still is. Because of this and the small time between the games, we didn't try anything new and played with the same software as in the second half against NomadZ.
But still we had a new upcoming challenge to face during the match.. the sunset. Our match was perfectly scheduled to the full light variety from day to night (of course with addition headlights)

So please enjoy the sunset and.. the game πŸ˜‹ We managed to pull of an awesome 5:0 score *we love these new kicks* πŸ’–

If you like please leave a comment. For example: what do you think about our header goal in the second half of the game? 😎

Second Group Phase - match against NomadZ

Holy cow, what should i start with? To prepare the game we worked on our "Ball Detector", as you may remember from yesterday posts. The good news are.. we found lots of balls πŸ’£ The bad news are.. most of these balls were actually robotsπŸ’₯ So the first half of the game was a disaster πŸ’€
Our keeper had a super functionality called "Side Switcher", which tells another teammate when she/he is dribbling towards our goal (if he sees the ball near our goal).
Guess what happens, when our keeper detects mistakenly a ball inside our defender and in the same time our striker is almost scoring a goal (with the real ball)! 😱 Correct! Our striker is going to play towards our goal until the keeper tells him to turn again.. And this went on and on and on 😨 And ended in a 0:0.

But as you know us, we wont let this happening in the second half as well. We did everything possible within the 10 minutes half time to fixed this behavior and to prepare the robots for the second half.
To save you from these heart attack triggers, we decided to show you only the second half of the game πŸ˜‡ which ended in a 5:0 score for us 😎

Thursday 4 July 2019


Another day was passing by very very.. very quickly. We like to thank you for still joining us on our RoboCup 2019 journey πŸ’–

So today we like to take you inside the venue and wish you a good day (or night 😜)

Second Group Phase Schedule

Hey everyone :) This is our schedule for tomorrow. Our new group will be "Group H" and the results can still be found here: https://spl.robocup.org/results-2019/

Also tomorrow we have to be the referee in three additional games 😎

The early bird - stands up fast

What we haven't told you... At the preparation days we noticed that our robots aren't able to stand up at all 😈
Fortunately in our team are two motion hero's! In not even 2 hours in the morning Marvin and Thomas managed to teach the robots an awesome Stand-Up-Motion, which is super fast and stable.

You can see the result in our videos πŸ˜€

Marvin and Thomas teaching the motions step by step and in slow-mo

Videos - As promised

If you couldn't watch the live stream, maybe because the bed was still warm and comfortable πŸ˜‡. Here are the videos from our games of competition day 1.

We hope you enjoy them and feel free to leave comment or like πŸ’–

 vs. Naova

vs. TJark

Ball Control & Kick Demo

Some impressions of our dribbling and new kick behaviour.

First Group Phase - Winner of Group B

Whoop Whoop!~ 😁 We are happy to announce that we have won our last game in the first group phase. TJark is a really good team, but we were able to win this match with a 6:0 score! (Our last match against them in 2017 was a close 2:1)

Compared to our first match in the morning, we had no issues anymore with the field border and the localization in general. Another thing to pin point: This was (most likely) our first match with no penalty given to our robots!! Yay!~ 😎 (As you may know.. Usually we are more or less the champion of pushings...)

But there is still a lot of room for improvement. One example is the ball detection. Currently we detect from time to time balls in robots, which confuses the team strategy. But until now the strategy was able to deal with it. So lets hope that we can fix this today evening πŸ˜‡

Spectacular Kick-off for RoboCup 2019!

The first competition just started there at Sydney. Naova was scheduled as our first opponent of RoboCup 2019. We were very eager to see Naova perform at the competition since this is our first meeting of the Canadian team since last year’s competition.
Attack towards the goal line boy HTWK Robots
During the match Naova has major problems controlling the ball. Thus, we were able to dominate the field with our new kicking feature and won the match 10:0. We are very happy with the outcome of the first match and work hard to repeat the score in further games. Our next opponent will be TJArk from China. Feel free to watch the match at 06:00 in Germany (or 14:00 in Sydney) on YouTube.

Wednesday 3 July 2019

Heading into the night.

It was a long day and we are prepared for our first games tomorrow. So see you at 02:00 in Germany (or 10:00 in Sydney) at our first game (don't forget the live stream) πŸ˜‰

Into Darkness!

Unfortunately the fair turned off the lights early today and we were left in the dark. But the whole league found creative solutions to deal with this challenge.

Tomorrow we try to convince the fair to keep the lights on till a quarter before eleven so we can work the day to the fullest (pun intended ;-))

Happy colourful Nao-Party

All of these Nao's have gathered together to proudly show their team jersey's to all robot and human participants. The idea is, that nobody is going to be surprised about all these awesome jerseys during the competition. 😎

So? Did you find our robots in the image? 😁

It's Poster Time!

Since this year every team has to prepare a poster in addition to the robot soccer skills. This poster shall hold an interesting topic, which the corresponding team is working on.

Our poster presents the near obstacle detection, which was freshly developed for this RoboCup. But has its roots in last years poster (where the poster was voluntary)
Please Have a look :-)


First Outdoor Testgame

We tested today our new deep learning network for the field border. It works flawless and also all other features are ready. So we left this game satisfied by our work and celebrate via some cookies.

Competition Day 1 - Our Schedule

The competition starts on 04.07.2019 with the following games for our team:

In addition Stefan and Flo are going to be the referee in two further games. Of course we will keep you updated. If you want to have a sneak peak you can always have a look in the official schedule on the SPL website.

Ready to rock this fair and square

Results and Livestream

We are happy to share the result table of Robocup 2019. At the beginning you find us in Group B. https://spl.robocup.org/results-2019/

Also we like to give special thanks to NaoDevils from Dortmund. They set up a live stream on each field. So you are able to watch every game.
Regarding the time difference: Please keep in mind, that you can only see the last 4 hours of a YouTube live stream.
The stream(s) can be found here: NaoDevils YouTube Channel

Of course we try to upload videos of our matches as fast as we can (maybe these are already available in the time you wake up in Germany πŸ˜‹) please check here: NaoTeam HTWK YouTube Channel

Tuesday 2 July 2019

Heading into the night

After a long and successful day we heading towards our hotel. See you all tomorrow. πŸ˜€

A small step for the Robot, but a big step for the team

As usual business for us, we always check first the lighting conditions and the walking ability of our robots on the field.

For a very long time we are able to directly walk stable on the field without taking any additional changes, thanks to Thomas brilliant improvements during our preparation week before the Robocup.

Regarding lighting condition we have to face some small challenges, because for the robots it very dark on the field (~100 lux for those who are familiar with the topic).

But still we are basically able to play on first try 😎

First Preparation Day - Getting started

On a beautiful and chilly morning in Sydney we made our way to the venue. With an awesome motivation, sleepy eyes and high hopes we were looking forward to the event setup.

We like to share the view, which we had while having our breakfast 😊

Teamwork - All night long

It was a cold night (outside), but we as a team commited to one special mission! "Let us teach the robots, what a field border looks like!" 
You may ask why? We noticed our nine years old field border detection was showing signs of aging πŸ˜‡
So we developed a new machine learning based detection yesterday night 😎
And to train this, we have to mark the field border in a lot of images πŸ˜’
So.. we practiced our team work and split up thousands of images to reach our goal.

All night long, but still with a happy face πŸ˜‹
Spoiler Alert: Our robots are now able to detect the field border better then ever before πŸ’“

Monday 1 July 2019

Technical Committee members and Execs visiting the venue.

As part of the Robocup community we also take up responsibilities in different roles. So today Stefan as on of the elected technical committee member and Rico as an Exec visiting the venue to check the fields and the setup in general. Here are some impressions of the visit. All the fields and the rest of the installation will be finished tomorrow at the first setup day. Great to see everything is in place for the competition :-D

Feeling the grass and robot repairs

We visited the venue today to get a first look on the fields and get our robots repaired. One of our first checks is: which carpet was used as the artificial grass  and if we can walk on it. Here we see an expert to check the quality and properties.

Flo is checking the quality and properties of the grass.

Hello Australia! 🐨 Welcome to Sydney!

We did it! We survived 24h sitting in planes 😱 and finally arrived in Sydney. πŸ˜€ After a good night sleep to get rid of the jet lag we will be ready to start the day. 


Our longest Journey so far... Australia!

This is our longest journey so far. We are heading to Australia! :-D Our trip will take us from Frankfurt via a short stop over the United Arab Emirates to Sydney. This trip takes 24 hours and are round about 15900 km. Twenty teams have signed up for the RoboCup this year and everybody is already exited for the competition. So see you in Australia! We will keep you all in the loop. 

The traveling team this year: Caro, Rico, Stefan, Marvin and Flo.
Not shown here are Tobias and Thomas behind the camera.