Saturday 6 July 2019

Quarter Finals vs. Austin Villa

Hooray!! Semi finals here we go!!~ We managed to pull of a 10:0 in the quarter finals against UT Austin Villa.
When you take a look at the first half of the match, you may think "How can this end up in a 10:0?" There are two conditions, which made our robots a lot of troubles during the first half.

The first one is still the ball detection.. We are basically hacking our a** off to prevent the detection of "false" balls. But ... its difficult 😒 The other bad thing was the field side. Every time we play on Field D, we have troubles with the window side. We call this side "shiny", because everything looks very shiny that causes our ball detector to be even more worse...

So please check out our video and see what happens if we play on a good 😈 or bad 😱 field side.

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