Sunday 27 June 2021

RoboCup is over, 3rd

The RoboCup 2021 is over. We won the finals of the 1vs1 challenge in a really close match with a score of 19.5:18 against B-human. We were a bit lucky, as B-human missed a few shots in the first half, causing them to miss out on a few points. We also had a minor issue, as our robot broke and had to be replaced. During this process we were without a player on the field. 

With this result, we finished 3rd in the RoboCup, as the results in the individual challenges are averaged for the final placement. B-human takes first place with Nao-Devils as runner-ups. Congratulations to the both of them from our side!

We are really happy with this results and look forward to future competitions.

1vs1 Finals!!

We are in the finals of the 1vs1 challenge! Thanks to our 1.5 multiplication factor based on the autonomous calibration we defeated SPQR Team with a score of 12:9. We are quite happy with our performance and look forward to the finals against B-human at 18:30 cest. Stream link

Robocup Final Day

Today is the last day of the RoboCup 2021 which concludes with the 1vs1 challenge. Our semifinal against SPQR team will start at 12:30 cest. We added some new features for this match and hope that everything works as intended. It will be streamed here: Stream semifinal.

Depending on the result we will either play for 3rd place at 18:00 cest, or in the finals 30 minutes later. Both streams will again be available on the official SPL channel: SPL channel

Saturday 26 June 2021

More results

We advanced to the semifinals of the 1vs1 challenge, where we will face SPQR Team from Rome tomorrow. We managed to do so by defeating UT Austin Villa with a score of 13.5:2. The hosted arena provided a difficult challenge, as the field was hit with sunlight, making it harder for the robots to see. Luckily for us, our robot's vision was fine for most of the match.

The obstacle avoidance challenge was unfortunately plagued with hardware troubles. Even our best surviving robot has some issues, that caused him to fall down during our first attempts, leading to a huge increase in time needed to score a goal. The final standings will be determined tomorrow. In our last run, the bot managed to stay on it's feet, resulting in a time of 54 seconds until the scored goal.

Schedule Update

The schedule for today has been released. We will face UT Austin Villa in the quarterfinals of the 1vs1 challenge at 18:00 cest. Stream 1vs1.

Our session of the Obstacle Avoidance Challenge will begin at 19:00 cest. The challenge consists of a single robot who has to score a goal without touching 4 passive robots that are placed in front of it. Stream obstacle avoidance.

For those who also want to watch the challenges without our participation, all livestreams are provided on the official RoboCup SPL youtube channel: Link RoboCup SPL.

Friday 25 June 2021


The other teams attempted their passing challenge yesterday evening. Overall we finished with a respectable 4th place. B-human are the winners with a score of 27, more than three times the points of the runner-ups Nao-Devils. 

Our last autonomous calibration challenge was this morning. We again had good results, deviating only 20-30cm from our target positions and recognizing the ball once with 10cm error and another time with 40cm. We want to thank all the teams that hosted us and are quite happy with the smooth course of events.

For the remainder of the day we will prepare for the obstacle avoidance challenge as well as for the quarterfinal of the 1vs1 challenge. Both will be happening tomorrow. The exact schedule is yet to be determined.

Thursday 24 June 2021


We had a nice visit from our main sponsor Relaxdays, who joined us for lunch and to watch our challenge match. During a live presentation of our challenge setup we were also joined by a school class with a bunch of enthusiastic kids. Overall we had a great time so far.

1vs1 Challenge

We won our first 1vs1 match against Berlin United with a score of 15:10. The difference is this big, because scores of teams that use autonomous calibration are multiplied by a factor of 1.5. This gained us the additional 5 points over Berlin. We are quite happy with the result and will prepare for the second match of the day at 20:00 cest. The match will be streamed here: Stream

Robocup Day 3

Today the 1vs1 challenge commences. For this challenge each team plays with a single robot, which scores a point whenever it manages to kick the ball into the opposing side of the field without the ball being intercepted. If a goal is scored, the ball will be returned to the scoring side. There will be 4 balls on the field to give the teams a way to come up with a good strategy.

Our first match will be played at 11:30 cest in Bremen where we face Berlin United. The livestream can be watched here: Stream

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Robocup Day 2

We started the 2nd day by continuing the Autonomous Calibration Challenge. The goal of this challenge is to have a robot automatically adapt to a being on a randomly selected field. This is being measured by having the robot announce the positions of two balls on the field and by walking to fixed locations.

Yesterday evening we had some problems, resulting in us missing our goals. This morning things went better with good scoring metrics. Tomorrow there will be a third attempt in another different arena.

For the remainder of the evening, we will be hosting one match in the 1v1 challenge. You can watch it here: Stream

Our match will be tomorrow at 11:30 cest against Berlin United – NaoTH.


Tuesday 22 June 2021

Passing Challenge

We are happy to be back in action! The day started with a passing challenge. The challenge consists of two robots passing the ball to each other with another two robots acting as passive obstacles. Each team has three runs with only the most successful run being counted. We encountered some difficulties in our first two tries and scored only two points. Luckily our last run was more successful with us scoring 4 points. Result page



Our next challenge today at 18:00 cest will be the autonomous calibration challenge. We will be hosted by the Nao-Devils Dortmund. Their stream can be found here: Livestream Nao Devils

Robocup 2021

The Robocup 2021 has started. This year the event will be decentralized with each participating team providing a field for challenges. Due to this format, the event consists of 4 individual challenges instead of the usual matches. 

The rules and schedule can be found here:

We are providing a livestream for the event:  Stream