Sunday 27 June 2021

RoboCup is over, 3rd

The RoboCup 2021 is over. We won the finals of the 1vs1 challenge in a really close match with a score of 19.5:18 against B-human. We were a bit lucky, as B-human missed a few shots in the first half, causing them to miss out on a few points. We also had a minor issue, as our robot broke and had to be replaced. During this process we were without a player on the field. 

With this result, we finished 3rd in the RoboCup, as the results in the individual challenges are averaged for the final placement. B-human takes first place with Nao-Devils as runner-ups. Congratulations to the both of them from our side!

We are really happy with this results and look forward to future competitions.

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