Sunday 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Now you are up to date again! :) We hope you still visit us here.
We wish you a happy and lovely Valentine's Day! Enjoy the photos :D

January - Make Munich 3rd Place

The festival Make Munich 2016 reached its end. We scored a 6:0 against B-Human and took the 3rd place!
Thanks to NaoTH, Nao Devils, B-Human and Make Munich for your participation and location for our little tournament.

January - Make Munich

Our little Tournament is still on going at the Make Munich. Currently we got some huge issues because of the light conditions. But the atmosphere is awesome and we try our best to get prepared for the RoboCup Leipzig.

New Year :)

Hey everyone! We wish you a Happy New Year! We hope to see you all in 2016 and don't forget the RoboCup2016 in Leipzig

Dezember - xmas

With Christmas coming up next week and the year about to close, we want to thank everyone for an amazing year.
For this special event, our Naos practised for a little Christmas concert:

Dezember - xmas season

Our Naos wish everyone a nice and happy Christmas season.

November - Falcon Punch

GermanOpen Review: FALCON PUNCH!!
Youtube - BHuman vs Nao-Team HTWK

November - RoHow in Hamburg

This year's RoHow has just started. We are looking forward to a weekend full of workshops, talks, presentations and - of course - test games.

We going to be active again!

Hey everyone! We are so sorry for not updating our blog. We spend a bit to much time on our new facebook page. www.facebook-naoteamhtwk
With that being said, the next posts will be an update of what you have missed :)