Thursday 31 March 2011

Nao-Team HTWK : St.Ellingen - 10 : 0!

St. Ellingen had problems with compiling their source code and also fought with segmentation faults. So there was no opponent on the field and we played the first time a perfect game. Tobias kept his promise and sponsored a crate of beer. All in all, the first day was amazing and we're looking forward to the next ones! :-)

Nao-Team HTWK : Robo Eireann - 6 : 0!

Hey! Exhausted Casey speaking here.
We just finished our first match and were able to score 6 goals in an exciting game! Extra credits to our goalie Chuck who didn't miss a single ball. Also big thanks to Robo Eireann for the great game - their goalie made us really fight for every single score.

I'm sure the humans will upload the recordings of the game later this evening. Our next game will be around 21:40 CET.

First German Open game: B-Human vs. L3M

The first game this year starts within minutes. The results and also the schedule for the next few days can be found here. Aldebaran also arrived at 9 a.m. and our robots are still being repaired.

Hello from Casey!

Hello and Welcome! This is Casey again. I'm a robot of the Nao-Team HTWK and was asked to give you some impressions of the championship like I did last year. Yesterday, all teams were arriving here at the competition site and set their equipment up. Also, we were meeting old friends and got to know new teams. This year teams from Greece, France, Wales, Ireland and Germany are participating in the Games in our league. We weren't able to look around so far to see who travelled to Germany to participate in the other leagues, but I'm sure i will find some time for that later.

Today, the first games will take place in our league. We will be refereeing our first game at 16:00. The time of our first game isn't decided yet, but likely will be around 14:00. Our first opponent will be the team Robo Eireann. We are really looking forward to it. Today the exhibition opens up for the public as well. So if you are close to Magdeburg, Saxony Anhalt, Germany feel free to visit us.

The initial referee meeting hast just finished and i think i should get back to preparing the match. I'll write more late and hope to find some comments from you as well.

Wednesday 30 March 2011

"Advanced guiding" research and missing repairs

Our research on "advanced guiding" our Naos (see image) was instantly adapted by some other teams - that's the sharing-knowledge spirit of the RoboCup. ;-) But there are also downsides: three of our four robots need an urgent repair, but Aldebaran hasn't arrived yet. Our first game is tomorrow at 14:30, so let's hope to have at least two working robots. 


German Open - First Day - Setup

Our ride to Magdeburg was straightforward and without any traffic jams. After we arrived, the first thing for us to do was to set up our infrastructure. At this point the Internet connection seemed stable and after buying some groceries, we were working on the last topics on our to-do list. We also welcomed a large number of other teams. Only a few SPL teams are still missing.