Monday 30 April 2018

RoboCup German Open - Finals

As promised, here are the pictures from the final game versing Nao Devils, the results and the award ceremony.
According to the Results page on we passed the round robin unbeaten, scoring 32 goals and received none. With 16 points we were the leading team, this year. The ball entered our goal only two times in the finals in a fierce battle with a strong Nao Devils that won their match against the champion B-Human with an amazing 1:0.

All around we learned a lot, made a lot of progress and had a ton of fun.

Looking forward to the competition at RoboCup International 2018 Montréal Canada.

Sunday 29 April 2018

RoboCup German Open 2018 - Finals

We won the RoboCup German Open with an amazing 5:2. In the finals we faced the Nao Devils again.
We post pictures about the last game and the team in a while when we have a bit more time

RoboCup German Open 2018 - Nao-Team HTWK vs NaoTH

We are in the finals
We won our last round robin game versus NaoTH 7:0 and are therefore qualified for the finals at 3pm later this day.

RoboCup German Open 2018 - Competition Day #3

Today is the last day of the German Open. In our first match at 9am we are facing the NaoTH from Berlin.
If we win the match we are qualified for the finals at 3pm against Nao Devils who already qualified yesterday.
Nao Devils host a livestream for this last day again.

Saturday 28 April 2018

RoboCup German Open 2018 - Nao-Team HTWK vs B-Human

Our last game for today was a draw against the champion B Human. With that draw, the probability is high that we face Nao Devils in the finals tomorrow. But before the finals, we still have to win a match against Berlin United tomorrow morning at 9am.

Robocup German Open 2018 - Video of the first match vs. Nao-Devils

The video of our first match against the Nao Devils is online. Hope you enjoy.

RoboCup German Open 2018 - Nao-Team HTWK vs Bembelbots

We won our second match today against Bembelbots from Frankfurt 10:0.
With that, we are the leading team by score according to with 12 points and a goal difference of 25 goals.

Our next match is against the current champion B-Human at 3pm. Wish us luck :-)

Robocup German Open - Nao-Team HTWK vs HULKs

We won our first match of today 5:0 versus the HULKs from Hamburg.
Our next match is scheduled 12am versus the Bembelbots.

RoboCup German Open 2018 - Competition Day #2

We are at the Messe Magdeburg early again, today. Our first game versus the HULKs from Hamburg is at 9am.
In total we have to play 3 games today:

Here is the schedule again.
The results are kept up to date here.
The results are kept up to date here:

Todays Livesteam is kindly hosted by Nao Devils again :-)

Friday 27 April 2018

RoboCup German Open 2018 - Nao-Team HTWK vs NomadZ

We won our second and last game for today 7:0 versus the NomadZ from Switzerland..
You can keep up with the competition results here:

Robocup German Open - Nao-Team HTWK vs Nao-Devils

Our first official game of the competition versus Nao Devils went surprisingly well. We won the match 3:0

 Our next game will be at 3pm versus the NomadZ, Robocup Team ETH Zurich.

Robocup German Open 2018 - Competition day #1 Livestream

This is the livestream for today

Robocup German Open - First competition day

Today is the first competition day. Our first game will be against Nao Devils at 11am. The game will decide if we have a chance to enter the finals ... wish us luck :-)

The full schedule can be found here.

Thursday 26 April 2018

Robocup German Open 2018 - Livestream

The Nao-Devils provide us with a Livestream.

Robocup German Open 2018 - Participant Lineup

Some pics of the Robots of the participating teams in their home and away jerseys.

Our team colors

Robocup German Open 2018 preparation day 2 - Referee meeting

We start the second preparation day with the referee meeting where all the new guys and girls get an introduction to the game rules (ball placement, pushing and so on). But even all the old participants attend to get an update on the yearly changes in the ruleset.

Here is a link to the current rule set, in case you want to take a look.

Robocup German Open - The quest for Mate

Today half of the people went on the "Quest for Mate". Because every time a lot of Nerds converge there is an increase of caffeine consumption and coffee is usually harder to make on the spot, any kind of Mate icetea becomes a rare ressource in the city.

As evidence we present you todays after arrival route
Path of the quest for Mate

Wednesday 25 April 2018

Robocup German Open 2018 preparation day 1

After packing our cars to the brim with all the stuff, we headed towards the Magdeburg venue.

Directly after arriving there, we reduced some entropy and moved our bots to the Nao-Clinic. The usual procedure after arriving at any competition.

Sunday 22 April 2018

Lange Nacht der Computerspiele

As every year we were showing our robots playing to the public during the Lange Nacht der Computerspiele. We had some guests from the Frankfurt Bembelbots this time. So we were able to help each other in our eager preparation for the RoboCup German Open.

Hope to see you there :-)