Saturday 31 March 2012

NaoTeam HTWK vs. SPITeam -- 3:0

Our fight about the half-final is over. We are in :D our next opponent will be RoboEireann tomorrow at 10am.

NaoTeam HTWK vs DAInamite -- 3:0

We won our second game 3:0 :D Our next game will be around 3pm. Video follows.

Friday 30 March 2012

First game NaoTeam HTWK vs. Humboldt -- 3:2

Our first game is over and it was intense. We shot four goals but only three of them in the correct goal. At the end we won 3:2. Thanks guys for that great game! :D

You can follow the results at: .

Internet, referee meeting and the first test game

Every year, the Internet connection has its difficulties - almost too obvious. Therefore, most of the day the network was broken. However, we still made good use of the day: we fixed a few outstanding bugs, exchanged news and discussed results with other teams.

The referee meeting took one and a half hour and was about explaining new rules to all teams. This year, both goals are yellow instead one blue and one yellow goal, which dramatically increases the game difficulty for each team. Our Naos need to keep track by them selves what their own part of the field is.

This evening, we also had our first test game against our friends from Berlin. We scored four goals and won 4:0.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Thursday 29 March 2012

Sleeping beauties

Yesterday, after we left the exhibition, the biggest adventure still awaited us. How will we sleep in a small room?Thomas had some suggestions:

After we made some adjustments we found a quite comfortable position:


Wednesday 28 March 2012

First casualties

Aldebaran will arrive tomorrow and until then we mark our defect parts on our robos. With this robot the lower camera is broken.

Arriving in Magdeburg

Hello fellows,

we arrived in Magdeburg and already done the first 3h shopping tour. We are now preparing our Naos for the first tests.

Monday 26 March 2012

German Open 2012

Hi. We just wanted to keep you updated about our championships this year. The German Open is approaching fast and we are working on all of our planned improvements right now. Of couse we also need to adapt to the changes in this years rules like two goals with equal colours.

Our accomplishments so far include a hurt neck on one of our robots, a lot of working late in our robolab and an epic commit with over 3500 changed source code files.

Of course we are looking forward to see a lot of you in Magdebug again so feel free to visit us during the championship.