Friday 5 July 2019

Second Group Phase - match against NomadZ

Holy cow, what should i start with? To prepare the game we worked on our "Ball Detector", as you may remember from yesterday posts. The good news are.. we found lots of balls 💣 The bad news are.. most of these balls were actually robots💥 So the first half of the game was a disaster 💀
Our keeper had a super functionality called "Side Switcher", which tells another teammate when she/he is dribbling towards our goal (if he sees the ball near our goal).
Guess what happens, when our keeper detects mistakenly a ball inside our defender and in the same time our striker is almost scoring a goal (with the real ball)! 😱 Correct! Our striker is going to play towards our goal until the keeper tells him to turn again.. And this went on and on and on 😨 And ended in a 0:0.

But as you know us, we wont let this happening in the second half as well. We did everything possible within the 10 minutes half time to fixed this behavior and to prepare the robots for the second half.
To save you from these heart attack triggers, we decided to show you only the second half of the game 😇 which ended in a 5:0 score for us 😎

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