Monday 18 June 2018

RoboCup 2018 Day 1 - 4:1 Victory against UNSW

Our second and last main ladder match for today was against UNSW Sydney. Among other things, the major degrading factor of this game was the uneven ground again.

It was clear, that UNSW had the same problem, tho, basically canceling the problem out of the equation. Although some software problems, our attacks were strong and confusing and our defense new and tight.

The match concluded in a 4:1 victory.

Our next main ladder match will be tomorrow at 2pm UTC-5 (8pm GMT) versus the Nomadz.

But before that, we have some joint team action together with Frankfurts Bembelbots.

PS: please note that the light color in the venue is yellow ... that's not just a weird camera thingy.

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