Sunday 3 April 2011

Party Time!

Hey! This is Casey speaking again!

We finished our last game for this championship! We made it to the third place of the German Open 2011. We got some free time now as we don't have to play till the world championship in July. So we decided to make a social event for us robots like the humans of our team did yesterday. Currently we are partying with the bots of the team CoolRUNners. They even brought their own mascot to party with us. Below you can find a picture of Big Mike and their mascot after a few sips of rum and coke.


  1. Congrats HTWK!

    Greetings from Rob and the coolRUNners team

  2. congratulations from the bembelbots!

    why didnt you try the great bembel full of applewine one table to the left?

  3. Thanks to all of you. Honestly i don't remember anymore what we were drinking during the evening. But I'm sure we will get another chance to try your applewine at another competition.