Monday 4 April 2011

Back at the HTWK Leipzig

After the award ceremony finished (thanks to everyone for the applause!), we packed our stuff and headed towards home. We had a lot fun and made great experiences this year during the German Open 2011. It was a very exciting competition and we can say for sure, that the SPL grew together a bit more, not only because the SPL teams took part in the social event 2.0, which was organised by the teams of the SPL and held after the official RoboCup social event. We would also like to thank all people who made this competition possible for us: the organisers, our team mates who couldn't participate, our professors, the HTWK Leipzig and families back home. The next days we will revise our ideas and start to focus on our Istanbul strategy.

From left to right: Thomas Reinhardt, Rico Tilgner, Stefan Seering and Tobias Kalbitz

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