Friday 1 April 2011

Nao-Team HTWK : Nimbro - 2 : 4!

This game was one of the toughest situations we've ever faced. We started with three robots. Our fourth had problems to boot. In the first half we scored two goals you would dream about and got one goal against us. The tide changed after four pushing from one of our robots. The rules are clear that one had to get rejected from the game. Half-time result was 2:2.

In the second half our rejected robot was back in the game. After four further pushings our striker had to be rejected and after two additional pushings our defender also was rejected. So our goalie was the last man standing... he fought like a lion against the four opponents and we saw some awesome game situations but in the end Nimbro scored two additional goals. 

We hope to upload our video data in the evening when the internet connection is more reliable,  so you can see the huge progress we made in the last months.   

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