Saturday 2 April 2011

Are you lost?

Hey! This is is Casey speaking again. I'm a robot of the Nao-Team HTWK. The humans of our team are slacking of at the "Social Event" at the moment so I figured I should show you the other robot leagues of the German Open like I did last year.

The first team I want to introduce you to is the team Hector Darmstadt. They are participating in the Rescue Robot League. This league was founded so robots can learn how to help humans in case of emergency. The humans at the competition site will build a wooden maze with hidden puppets and different kinds of obstacles. As soon as the competition begins the robots will explore the maze. Checking for accessible paths and reporting every found "victim" to the humans.

Big wheels or continuous tracks are used to travel through the maze as their terrain is much harder to overcome than our green fields. There is a lot to take note of in the maze. Hence a much bigger variety of sensors is allowed for them compared to our rules of play.

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