Friday 1 April 2011

A Frenchmen, a Dutchman and a Russian walk into a bar ...

Hello, Casey speaking again.

I was just chatting with some robots of the team L3M from France and Spain. We were just talking about the usual stuff. I was complimenting them for their nice hats. Turns out they are a bunch of really nice guys. They also told me that their humans wanted to eat something typical German today. I was listing some of the stuff our humans are eating usually and in in the end all of them ordered a Wiener Schnitzel (at an Indian restaurant) today.

We are currently preparing for our only game for today. In roughly 20 minutes we will face the robots of team NimbRo. This time i will play as the goalie. Below you can see some pictures of us preparing for the match. It shows us practicing our ball recognition.

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