Sunday 3 April 2011

Five Star Service

'Sup? Fully relaxed Casey talking here. While continuing my roundtrip to visit the robots of the other leagues i have found some extremely handy guys to hang around with! They will bring you food and drinks if you need some!

The robots of the team Tech United are participating in two Leagues. The ones i just talked to are in the RoboCup@Home League. According to their description it sounds like they are trying to live together with humans in a most comfortable way for both, Robots and Humans. They are focusing on things like memorizing the faces of all humans they meet, and of course try to recognize them if they meet the same person a second time later that day. Their handling of humans is quite impressive. They are able to move around in a flat or following a human without damaging stuff or running somebot over. They even hand over a drink from the fridge if the human if the human says pretty please. Thats the way to tame your human! Positive feedback if the human is submissive! Even I was offered a refreshing drink! Ahh, just what i needed after a hard day. Their way to talk to the humans is much more sophisticated compared to our way of communication with the human members of our team.

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