Saturday 15 June 2019

Night of Science 2019

At the moment we are visiting the Night of Science at Goethe Universität of Frankfurt am Main. Team Bembelbots invited us to this cosy Robot Event to play some exhibition matches and prepare for the RoboCup World Championship 2019.

At this two-day event we are present with six Robots and four Humans of Nao-Team HTWK.

We were happy to provide entertaining Robot Soccer matches for the visitors for a whole evening and night.

Special seating was provided for the young visitors, so they won’t miss one bit of the tense action in our games.

During exhibition games both Nao-Team HTWK (in blue) and Bembelbots (in Grey) elected to focus on their dribbling skills.

Team NomadZ from Zürich, Switzerland followed the Invitation as well. NomadZ distinguished themselves by having the best shooting skills of this Robot Event.

With their years of experience of attending Robot Soccer Events all teams participating were able to tune their motion skill to a very high level. We are happy to report that not a single robot was injured during exhibition matches.

At the conclusion of the first day teams Bembelbots and Nao-Team HTWK were able to reach the finals of our exhibition tournament. Accompanied by excited shouts of the visitors Nao-Team HTWK was able to win the finals match.

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