Friday 22 November 2019

Coding & Robotics 4Kids

On tuesday, the 19. of  Nov. we presented our robots at a great event aimed at popularizing and teaching robotics to children. The Hftl in Leizpig was happy to welcome out Nao Robots. We were visited by pupils from grade three to grade ten and had a lot of fun. We presented videos from our latest championship and explained how our robots work, how the robots recognize position of the ball and how they decide to pass the ball instead of shooting towards the goal. The chances to control the robot on their own was very popluar with all the schoolkids. In the end the kids realized that scoring a goal isn't as easy as it looks, even with the advantages that the human eye offers. Robots playing soccer autonomously were as impressive for the children as they were for their parents.  Films with robots taking over the world were also broght up by some of the older children. But for now, we don't plan to implement that feature. ;)

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