Tuesday 4 April 2017

Iran Open 2017: Prelude

The journey to this year's Iran Open competition started somewhat different than anticipated. 7 hours before departure, our team leader Rico noticed he had forgotten his passport in Munich. He stayed in Leipzig at that time and the team was just about to leave to Berlin for their flight to Tehran.

And so the challenge began. One car, two people and one passport against the time.

We managed to find a courier who would pick up Rico's passport in Munich at 11:00 AM and drive all the way up to Berlin Schönefeld Airport by 4:40 PM.

After an intense drive involving several congestions and ignoring any speed limits, the courier managed to arrive in time at 4:40 PM.

Initially, our flight was supposed to depart at 4:55 PM. Fortunately, it got delayed until 5:25 PM so the very kind lady at the check-in told us Rico would have to show up at the counter with his passport by 4:40 PM.

And he made it!

Just look at the smile on his face:

Ok, he is still a bit exhausted. But deep inside he definitely felt relieved.

Long story short: never forget your passport. But as the old German saying goes: What you don't have in your head, you've got it in your legs. (or wheels, respectively)

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