Sunday 10 July 2022

RoboCup 2022 กรุงเทพมหานคร, ไปกันเถอะ!

We flew in all the way from Frankfurt to Bangkok and boy are our arms… sweaty - Thailand welcomed us with it’s signature wet-hot july embrace to let us know that this RoboCup is going to be one heated competition. Cool as ice, we came prepared though: armed with several months worth of reworks, fixes, adjustments, sleeves cramped with aces, an enabling caffeine addiction, a can-do attitude for programming while jetlagged and swim trunks we are ready to dive into the first in-person RoboCup since the start of the pandemic.

With 9 athletes and 11 human team members our delegation is stronger than it has ever been at any event before – all thanks to our sponsor Relaxdays. We now don’t have to worry about humanpower bottlenecks and other external limitations beyond what we came here to do – to fight for the title with our code and work together with all other teams towards an undisputed supremacy of robots in the world of football, robotic or otherwise. 

Being one of 16 competitiors from around the world, we know the competition is going to be steep. From old friends to new teams, every team brought their A-game for each and every sub-competition. For us, that of course means the main competition as one of 13 teams, first and foremost. We will also pariticipate in the Visual Referee Challenge against 8 other teams where the goal is to improve upon the Naos’ capabilities to read the referees gestures. Finally, we’ll put our passing play skills to the test in the Dynamic Ball Handling Challenge as one of 5. With all these events on our schedule it is certainly going to be a busy week for us but the drive to reach for the title of World Champion will push us all the way for sure.

Matches start Wednesday at 9am ICT (Bangkok time) which is 4am CEST (Berlin time), updates about our matches will come as soon as we get them ourselves.

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