Sunday 30 July 2017

Finals - HTWK 1:2 B-Human

We lost the finals 1:2 in an insanely intense match. B-Human started without hesitation and scored a goal after just 36 seconds. Our goalie saw it coming, but the shot distance was too short and so he used his motion too late.
We were shocked and thought the game would take the usual course. Instead we managed to bring the ball into a good position a few times, but unfortunately fell short.
The 2nd half looked promising, as we took the ball close to their goal with 2 robots. It took a bad turn however, when the striker was penalized for pushing, while the 2nd attacker started to walk back a bit. Without the penalty he would likely have scored. B-Human took the ball and increased their lead with a flawless attack.
We still weren't out and mounted another attack, this time successfully. With 70 seconds on the clock, we almost equalized the score. It came down to a showdown between our striker and their goalkeeper. Their keeper succeeded and prevented a penalty-shootout from happening.

We are still happy with the result, as we played a lot better than expected against a team that had an otherwise flawless tournament without a single goal scored against them.

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