Saturday 29 July 2017

Quarter Finals - HTWK 2:0 TJark

We couldn't be more happy as we made it to the semi finals for the 6th time in a row with an exciting 2:0 victory over TJark. The game went back and forth with 2 very different approaches to the game. They didn't dribble at all and instead used short distance kicks until they were close enough to go for a final shot.

In the 1st half we were on offense most of the time and took the lead after about 6 minutes in. After the break the game got really intense. Our robots were falling nonstop for a while. What saved us was always having 2-3 players near the ball. At one point TJark were close enough to score a goal and our goalie wasn't looking at the ball for a moment, which is quite rare. Lucky for us, the attacker kicked the rug. Soon after we took possession of the ball and managed to score again.
With 3 minutes left on the clock TJark mounted another attack and forced our goalkeeper into action. This time however, he was prepared, had vision on the ball all the time and jumped at the perfect time. Our robots stalled the game afterwards to let us advance to the semis.

Many thanks to the Bembelbots for lending us a body. Fused with our Mr. Burns to Mr. Bembel-Burns he was an essential part of the offence. We wish them good luck in their quarter-finals.

Tomorrow we'll get our rematch from last year's semi-finals. We expect another close game, so wish us luck!

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