Friday 10 April 2015

Iran Open 2015 Final: We won!

It has been an exciting and surprising match against the former champion MRL from Tehran. But the hard work and sleepless nights during the last days finally paid off.
Our striker took the first chance right after the kick-off and made his way through the Iranian defence of three robots in an instant.
In the end of the first half MRL seemed to catch up as their striker gained the ball and came dangerously close to our goal. Luckily, our defence cleared the ball, brought the ball back into the opponent's half of the field where MRL eventually scored an own goal.
The second half started with a goal for our team. Soon after, our defence saved us from a goal by MRL.
In the last minutes of the match, MRL managed to kick the ball into the far right corner of our goal where our goalkeeper wasn't able to catch it.
The match ended with a satisfying final score of 3:1.

MRL's goal in the last quarter of the match.

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