Sunday 19 July 2015

Recent Game Results

A quick update on our results so far for the people at home that are eagerly awaiting them:

We WON the Corner Kick Challenge yesterday!
We managed to score a total of 4 goals resulting in 5 points. BHuman, the 2nd place in this challenge, scored 2 goals, resulting in 3 points.

We also had 2 main competition games today in our Group B:
We first played against Linköping, a new team from Sweden. Unfortunately, the team wasn't able to put any robots on the field.
We ended up scoring 10:0.

Next we played against Austrian Kangaroos where we scored 9:0.

Tomorrow we will play against MRL as well as Austin Villa, the World Champion from 2012.

You can find the schedule here: (China is 6h ahead of Germany)

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