Monday 20 July 2015

Walking on

We're back in the hotel to have a final talk about our latest tests and how we will approach the quarter finals.

In the evening we participated in the "Many Carpets Challenge". The task was to enable walking on 3 different carpets, touching a ball and move it into a single goal that's placed on the rug, all within 1 minute. Touching the ball would give 0.5 points, kicking it out of the field another 0.5 or scoring a goal 2.5 points. Thomas started working on a goal detection after we won the "Corner Kick Challenge" to give us a shot at 1st place in the overall technical challenge.
He wasn't able to finish it in a fashion he was content with, what lead him to the primary strategy of just walking towards the ball and dribbling it outside of the rug. Our robot did that very quickly on every single rug, prompting smiles on our faces. However, Matthias from Nao-Devils, who handled the challenge, gave us a confused and disappointed look after every try. He expected more from us. After we finished, we learned that kicking the ball down from the carpets only gives an additional 0.5 points if it leaves the ground line. Well, we received 1.5 points in total, half of what we expected. There is one technical challenge left and we'll make sure to read the rules more carefully.

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