Tuesday 21 July 2015

Semi Finals are over..

.. And sadly, we're out. We gave B-Human a really hard time, who easily walked over their prior opponents and also scored the first goal against them during this competition. Unfortunately they did the same to us in return, only twice. We are satisfied with the 1:2 loss nonetheless and hope to win the 3rd place decider tomorrow.

The match started poorly. Our kickoff striker lost the ball almost immediately and B-Human approached our goal rapidly and scored a goal with one of their first few tries. From then on the game was closer, with them playing a bit better. Just when we were close to their goal for a quite long time their goalkeeper kicked the ball across the whole field into our penalty area where our goalkeeper threw himself on the ground for protection. He didn't get up fast enough though, as their striker was ready.

During the 10 minute break we made a major change in our software by disabling our shooting motion. We were wondering the whole event why the robot always took seemingly forever to align himself around the ball before executing his shooting motion, which then often went worse than expected. Just a bit more than 1 hour before the match started Thomas found the reason for this unwanted behavior, but only could fix parts of the problem in time.
With that change, our team put a lot more pressure on B-Human and slowly converged the ball into the direction of their goal. We scored with around 5:30 minutes still on the clock, but weren't able to force a penalty-shootout in the end.

What we can take away is that we found a way to deal with their immensely strong distance shots and that our goalkeeper performed nicely.

Tomorrow we will face U-Chile to compete for the 3rd place trophy and participate in the "Realistic Ball Challenge". The finals will be between the defending champion UNSW Australia and B-Human

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