Sunday 10 April 2016

Impressions from Iran Part II: The City and the Food

Yesterday, we travelled the city by taxi and got a pretty frightening impression of the Iranian traffic and taxi drivers!

All around the city you can see political and military murals.

As a snack, we were offered plum in an extraordinary sour syrup.

On Milad tower, we got a stunning view of the huge city of Tehran surrounded by the Alborz mountains. 

In the evening, we had dinner in an authentic restaurant with live music in the background!

We were served "Ab Goosht", a typical Iranian dish made from mutton, chick peas and Tomatoes along with Iranian flat bread, a green lettuce called "sabzi" and "Doogh" - an Iranian cold beverage made with yoghurt.

"Ab Goosht" or "Dizi" is served  in a hot pot from which the liquid parts are poured off first. Afterwards, a super-sized muddler is used to squash the remaining solid parts. This way, one gets two dishes out of one serving of "Ab Goosht" - a soup, which is typically eaten with flat bread, and a rich mash-like dish called "Goosht Koobideh".

We were even allowed to take a photo behind the bar and where pretty impressed by the huge metallic kettles which are used to prepare tea..

We finished the day with some tea and hubble-bubbles, which is how shishas are called in Iran.

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