Thursday 6 July 2023

First Match against ruNSWift won, next game against B-Human today at 6pm

 We won our first game of this year's Robocup in Bordeaux! After a good first half with one goal for us, there was a package violation on ruNSWift's side, deciding the game in our favor and making the second half more like a test or training game. 

Nonetheless, an important step in this competition and in the limited time of the Robocup a much appreciated training session for our team! The cut video, containing interviews with team members of both competitors, will be live on our YouTube channel soon!

The next game of today will be against B-Human, there will also be a video of the game on our channel. 

Also: Today we will compete in the Dynamic Ball Handling Challenge, which is all about passing the ball precisely over long distances

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