Tuesday 18 July 2023

RoboCup '23 Review - Game 2, B-Humble

We knew we'd have to play against them eventually, and so our second game made good on that promise. A rematch from last year's final, the RoboCup groundhog day, it's

HTWK Robots vs. B-Human

We knew it was going to be a tough one, and it was. Still working on adapting to the new environment and it's lighting conditions, well, let's say this game laid out a roadmap of what we needed to do moving forward - an upside to having to play against a strong team very early on. If all went well after this, we could be pretty certain to see them again in the final.

This match also featured the visual referee challenge, Ayleen from B-Human tells us all about it at the beginning of the video.

I had already alluded to it - this game did not go too well for us, hence the title of this post. Not exactly shocking, but certainly always a bummer, it's an exercise in humility being reminded of the work ahead. At the end of the video, Thomas, one of our founding team members, gives us a little insight on what we needed to fix over the following days, in German!:

And yes, I will be refining my green screening technique and learn how to keep people in focus, I'm sorry Thomas!

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