Sunday 9 July 2023

Semi Finals - Hell freezes over, shots have been fired!

We made it!!! After an extremely exciting and close match we won against HULKs from Hamburg. In the first half we played in the more difficult direction, having the sun right in our eyes. But still, when the initial kick-off happened, we deployed our new "secret weapon". Our striker aligned itself at the ball and... shot deep into the opponent half. A move we haven't done in many years, being know as the "dribbling team". The HULKs, surprised by our sudden change in tactics, scrambled to get to their defensive positions while two of our robots marched ahead to continue the attack. After an exciting minute of hard-fought battles between our offense and HULKs' defensive players we scored the 1:0. What happened in the remaining 9 minutes of the half? Just one exciting battle after the other, the ball moving back and forth, both teams getting advantages but each team's defense managing to fend off the attacks. With a slight advantage of 1:0 we went into the half time break, finally catching a breath. Before long, the second half got on its way and the exciting fights continued. With good chances on both sides we finally scored a freeing 2:0 after another 3 minutes of play. Soon however, the close continued fighting started showing its signs. Robots of both teams were close to overheating and had trouble keeping up with the pace of the game. Our robots seemed to fair slightly better allowing us to convert a few more chances for an exciting, yet exhausting 4:0. Our robots (and us) can now cool down and prepare for the final against B-Human at 1:30pm. You mised all the action or just want to rewatch this nail-biter of a match? Stay tuned for the video on our YouTube channel!

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