Sunday 30 June 2013

Final: HTWK vs. BHuman -- 2:6

We've done it. We were in the final!!! It was exhausting to scream at our robots what they should do ;) After the first half the result was 2:1 for BHuman, in the second half we scored our second goal and the game ended 6:2.

So this is the first time in team history we are the second in the world!!!! :D

The team this year (from left back to front):  Thomas Reinhardt, Philipp Freick, Samuel Eckermann, Tobias Kalbitz, Hannes Hinerasky, Jörg Schließer,  Hannah Müller, Rico Tilgner. Not here: Stefan Seering, Michael Wünsch, Lucas Stadler, Jonas Mende.

We'd like to thank our Alma Mater the HTWK and our faculty for all the support and believing in us!. Also we like to thank all the sponsors who made it possible that we all can be here. Also a huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers who looked out for us and helped us to accommodate. Especially we like to thank Duncan ten Velthuid and Katie Genter who spent so much effort in the preparations and made the RoboCup 2013 SPL championship work flawlessly.

You are free to use the photos for articles, blogs, etc.

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  1. Super!!! Herzliche Gratulation von zu Hause, Klaus Hering