Thursday 27 June 2013

Third preparation day ends

This was our third and last preparation day. The official games will start tomorrow. In the last few days we tuned our team strategy, adapted our walking and vision. We played a few test games and won each one. This is great! But we saw so much more potential for improvements. Also a few interesting projects from our team members are on their way which will improve our game even more.

We also talked about the upcoming plan for 2014 and on. We decided that we will do a tick/tock model. Last year we implemented a complete architecture, this year we improved our game play and subsystems, 2014 we will review our architecture and will adapt it to the requirements.

New this year: We have internet the whole time!:D We finally have a managed switch which protects the teams from network configuration errors. Also the wifi hotspots are managed by trained personnel. We as team shared our experiences from the last robocups and adapted with his help the wifi configuration so the wifi was working flawless this evening. You see on the image above the new jerseys for the Naos. We have to switch them on every half-time.

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