Saturday 19 June 2010

Meeting old friends and arrival

In the last few minutes before leaving Germany we found out that two other RoboCup teams were boarding the same plane as we did. We met WF Wolves, a team participating in the humanoid league, and B-Human, which are playing in the same league as us. Our plane started 5 minutes before midnight in Germany and arrived at around 18:00 local time in Singapore. The 12 hour flight was quite relaxed. Tobias was flying aboard a Boeing 777, the others with a Boeing 747.

Arrival and customs worked out without any problems, Tobias found us in time, and we arrived at our hotel at around 19:00 local time. As expected, the outside temperature is around 30 degrees with high humidity, even at late evening. Air condition is available (and necessary ;) ) in every building. The moment you walk outside it feels like walking against a wall...

On the day of arrival we just set up our hotel room, and looked around for foods in the local proximity. Today we got up early and made our way to the Suntec Singapore Convention Centre. After registration and searching for a super market, we're going to set up our infrastructure and try to get our robots repaired.

In the next few minutes we will add more images to older posts. Stay tuned for more pictures and blog posts.


  1. Daniel, your shirt is - wait for it.........legendary :-)

  2. Thanks, it's all about spreading the Unix culture ;)