Wednesday 23 June 2010

This Midsummer Night's Dream is over: Nao-Team HTWK - Austin Villa: 1 - 3!

Well, unfortunately our Midsummer Night's Dream is over, we've lost with two points difference in the Quarter Finals against a really difficult opponent: Austin Villa from USA. Our robots gave their best. This time one of our robot even completely broke his neck and in fact with highly exhaustion our goalie scored one own goal. This is definitely no loss, we gained so much amazing experiences and impressions and we're one of the 8 best SPL teams in the world!

We would like to thank our faculty, all professors and  our sponsors who made our trip to Singapore possible. Furthermore, we would like to thank all others who supported and shared the thrill with us before and during the RoboCup 2010 world championship.

Video updates, some more images and posts are coming soon.

In the back Stefan, Tobias, Rico. In the front Nils, Daniel and Thomas.


  1. *clap* thanks to you all for the last thrilling days! and, of course, CONGRATULATIONS to you all, that you made it so far! have a nice stay :o)

  2. You fought very well! It was great to see Casey in actionn and I am sure he is eager to proof his abilites next year ;-)H

  3. ... you have done a great job... the next championship you will win! greetings from leipzig :)