Tuesday 5 July 2011

Hello from Istanbul!

All team members are finally in Istanbul, some of them departed from Berlin, some from Belfast or Zurich - in the end we all met at the Istanbul airport. Our first impression of Istanbul was spectacular. A vibrant city that obviously never sleeps. So many people together in one place.
The registration of our robots at the customs was without any problems; they even had a large picture of a Nao sticked near their office, so that RoboCups participants immediately knew where to go.

After picking up our luggage, we faced our first challenges at the metro station with
buying tickets. Everything is Turkish and rarely people who speak English. A 'ticket' is defined as buying a chip (so called Jetons) for passing the barriers to the metro. We then check-in to our hotel which is near a big main road and the air corridor of the Ataturk airport. Nevertheless, the hotel room is really quite and very nice! After freshing up a bit, we've checked out the nearby area and had a light evening meal. We are already looking forward for tomorrow!

Good night, Nao-Team HTWK

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