Sunday 10 July 2011

Nao-Team HTWK : NTU Robot PAL - 2 : 4!

Deja vu! We've lost against NTU, again, and again with 2 : 4! This results in an overall 4th place for us (out of 27 teams)! With this result we've achieved a new high-score for our team! This years world championship was so great and we are so happy about our achievements! Also, kudos to our other team members, who couldn't be here, namley Manuel, Samuel, Martin, Hannah, Sandra, Christoph and Katja, and of course huge thanks to our advising professors, Prof. Klaus Bastian and Prof. Karl-Udo Jahn, the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences for financial support as well as this years sponsors: malberg EDV-Systemberatung, EUREGEX and focus GmbH! Now it's time for us to become "social" again, to celebrate with the others and last but not least to get some sleep! :-)

Update: Videos of the games are published successively within the blog posts that contains game results.

First Half:

Second Half:


  1. SUPER LEISTUNG!!! HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH ZU PLATZ 4!!!! Wir freuen un mit euch!!!
    Es waren wieder hervorragende und spannende Spiele!!!
    Herzliche Grüße
    (aus O'thal)

  2. Thank you very much for such exiting and great games! Congratulations! Joda

  3. Congrats guys, well done :)

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