Monday 18 June 2012

Mexico City, WTC, the market and a few stories

After a long and restful nap we ate a tasteful breakfast. A few calls and half a hour later and the mess of the hotel room reservation from yesterday was finally cleaned up.

We split up today. Hannah, Samuel and Thomas searched for different supplies and stores around the world trade center and had their own little adventures. They found the market and Thomas personal coach found a new friend.

Jonas, Rico and Tobias went to the WTC and helped Rico to fulfill his responsibilities as Organizing Chair of the SPL . We measured the width of the fields and already found some flaws. We hope that they can fix these in the night.

We also learned today that the sun is not always shining in Mexico. It was quite rainy today and we had to seek more than once refuge under an umbrella.

We spent the evening with members of the B-Human team and an outstanding meal with a lot of fun together. Tomorrow the team registration will open and we will take the first opportunity to get in the WTC. Apropos WTC we are approximately 5 minutes away and it looks like this:

(We left so many stories out like Tobias got mistaken as a twin of a mexican, Rico got a 'access all areas' pass that actually was a assemblyman sign, a waiter that didn't speak english but had the Google Translate app ready and memorable small talks where we used our arms and hands because no one spoke english.)

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