Saturday 23 June 2012

NaoTeam HTWK vs rUNSWift -- 1:11

This time we weren't so lucky. We've lost this game with wifi problems that we hadn't in the last games and robots that are constantly rebooting if they fall down. We used the code 1:1 that we used against B-Human and it doesn't worked out. We will definitely analyze the video of the match.

The team (back to front): Hannah Müller, Jonas Mende, Rico Tilgner, Thomas Reinhardt, Tobias Kalbitz and Samuel Eckermann not to forget Guri Thomas' personal coach
Now we will pack our stuff and go to the banquette and award ceremony. See you soon :D


  1. Don't worry, good job anyway! Next time you will defeat B-Human :-)

  2. Exactly. Good job! Next time, use Haskell and you will rule them all.