Tuesday 19 June 2012

Spicy Mangoes and Unexpected Sightseeing

Of course even events that have been planned weeks in advance can miss some essential equipment - or spoken from another perspective: there can never be too many network cables on a single table. Fortunately, a member of the local organizational committee took Jonas and members of other teams with missing equipment to electronic stores in the very heart of Mexico City. Although this trip wasn't very long, it gave some good insights into Mexican habits and specialties: the price of network switches can differ between 10 and 100 Euros and return journeys may take about 4 times the time of onward journeys (due to usual temporal traffic congestion). On the other hand we also gained a nice view on some of the city's historical buildings, guided by a native Mexican. We also learned that fresh cut mango and a mixture of chilies and salt should not be eaten together necessarily - the old fashioned combination of Pizza and Starbucks coffee still feels just more natural for our stomachs...

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