Wednesday 20 June 2012

NaoTeam HTWK vs Austrian Kangaroos -- 2:2

This was a game where everything goes to hell. No Nao could connect to the wifi and so we played with only one robot on the field versus four in the other team. The Austrian Kangaroos played with four but completely deactivated wifi communication. After the Austrian Kangaroos scored the first goal we could level the match. In the second half our robot delocalized and we shoot oneself in the foot 2 -- 1. In the last three minutes our robot dibbled past the defenses of our opponent and scored the last goal which made it a draw.

On the plus side our new architecture demonstrated its strengths and we saw in the abyss of a faulty wifi connection. In the first game everything just worked fine. After this game Rico went to every table and collected wifi routers that can cope with this rough environment, amount of interferences and equipment connected to them. So four WRT54-GL will provide the new wifi connections for our robots.

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